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Watch us tackle lease accounting


Llama Loves a Challenge

Many of you face accounting compliance deadlines due to new ASC 842 requirements.  We understand this requires more than "just an upgrade."  Our experience shows us that success requires a careful mix of technology, data, and business transformation.  Tackling this challenge means embracing a clear set of goals and initiatives.  We work hard to make sure no part of your organization is left behind, then use practical tools to help you keep an eye on the ball.

Bringing Clarity to Complexity

Updating your technology to achieve 842 compliance is complicated.  New features can bring confusing changes to business processes, data, and existing integrations.  We make handling those changes easier for you.  We stay on top of TRIRIGA releases and understand the complex details.  Then we simplify that information and allow you to confidently make critical business decisions.  For example, we highlight new functionality to allow you to quickly incorporate the changes into your processes.


We Sweat the Small Stuff

Your organization is unique.  We know that a "one-size-fit-all" approach will not work for you when it comes to your disclosure reports and your integrations.  Guaranteeing success means knowing exactly how key outputs are constructed and presenting them to business leaders in way they can understand.  We dive into the details immediately and help you understand what your key financial data will look like.  No surprises at go-live here!

Tools Built with You in Mind

For your work to flow smoothly through ASC 842 adoption and beyond, it's important that you understand the changes we've made to your system.  We constantly build tools to improve our delivery and we make sure those tools help you understand your technology.  We don't blindly apply IBM's data transformations to your existing data, we clearly explain those changes and document the results.


We Win Together

ASC 842 Compliance projects present many challenges, and some can be surprising.  We thrive on embracing those with you.  We will help you ask the tough questions and help you deal with the answers.  At the end of day, we don't succeed unless you succeed